About Me - Photographic Art by Gary Clark (grclark888)
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Takoda, Friend to All

I live in the eastern Sierra Nevada between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, CA. in a small, quiet community called Swall Meadows with views to die for. I made my living working in medical laboratories as a clinical scientist (it's more like being a medical short order cook for the doctors).  I retired once, but still work part time.  I shoot now with a Nikon D7000 but don't nearly take enough photos. 

I'm getting along to being and 'old goat' now, most of my personal photography was done during the celluloid years.  While I'm glad I learned photography the old fashioned way with film, home chemistry by Kodak, and darkrooms with enlargers and focusing in the dark with the red light, and running test strips, I sure don't miss it.  Waiting a week to get your film developed and another week to send out for prints....who can wait so much?  Long live the digital age!

It was only in the past 10 years that high resolution photography with affordable equipment, cameras, lenses, and software tools came into being.  While Photoshop is excessively expensive for me, Lightroom is one of the best  programs out there for the money.  SmugMug has made it easy to have a Web presence.  So now..... what to do with a closet full of slides?

Once traveling the world regularly, I'm more or less content now to hang around locally because it is one of the greatest places to live, with the mountains, deserts, clear skies, and solitude.  I do camping trips to the Southwest, and to Utah in particular, for the great rock art and red rocks.  Most of the rock art photography  is on my Flickr site.  My trusted companion is Takoda,  my Labrador Retriever,  who is about my age in dog years.  Yes we even share some age related afflictions.